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And Then The Weekend Came, And It Was Very Strange

Wow, so, how heavy was that last post?  Note:  I did not say intelligent or witty in the least, but heavy, yes!

So, shall we move on to some lighter topics?  Things like, oh, say dogs, boys, hair styles… that kind of thing.  I know!  How exciting!  Hairstyles!  (Any male readers I may have had depart from the scene rapidly at this point.  Bye, boys!  Thanks for stopping by!  Try the veal!)

Should we do this is list form?  Since we all know how much I love lists, I say let’s do!  And let’s begin with dogs!  Yay!

1)  Hm, we’re not starting out very well here, since I was finally going to post at least one picture of the Ellie dog here… but alas, I am at work, and there are approximately zero puppy photographs here.  And so, you are spared for another day.  I would however like to report that she has chewed my cell phone to bits and narrowly escaped being flung from the balcony in my fit of rage upon discovering this.  It still appears to be functional in most respects although a bit mangled, but I had to jam the charger into the plug this morning, so I’m not sure how long it will be before that craps out on me.  On the plus side, this may just be the excuse I’ve been looking for to upgrade to one of these or these.  What can I say.  I’m an advertiser’s dream.

)  Boys!  I might have one hooked!  I’m not sure if I’m happy about this or not!  Dear God!  Help!  Waah!  Want Colby!  I think… maybe not!  I think I do not know what I want!  And other random squealie type things as well.  But remember Ladies Man Boy from this post? (Oh my God, could I possibly put any more links in this post?  Like, please!  Leave my page!  But come back now!  Don’t leave me!)  Anyway…  He’s rather interested.  In me, that is… or so it seems… because that’s what he said…  Thing is, I’m not exactly how many girls he’s interested in at once, and also have not actually seen him in about 5 years.

Commence freaking the hell out.  Moving on.

3)  And hair…  I’ve been blonde for about 6 months now, so clearly it’s time to change hair color.  However, in a definite sign that I am growing older and more mature (read: boring), I’m rather thinking of getting back to my roots.  (Ha!  Roots!  Pun!)  I do like being a blonde, and it seems to be the color that works best for me, but I’m getting tired of the brassyish results from coloring it myself, and I think I’d like to go for a richer, darker blonde or light brown with some highlights.  This obviously calls for a professional lest I turn out looking like Bozo the clown, so I figure while I’m there I may ask them to do something with my hair.  But what!?  I don’t want to go short, I’m thinking layers… kind of a modified version of what I already have… where am I going with this?  I don’t actually have any idea… umm… any suggestions, I guess?

4)  Oh!  And last thing!  Gah!  I need this.  In the Brass/Khaki/Champagne… How CUTE is that!!  And so versatile… I think I could wear it with jeans, dresses… anything!  The only thing I wish is that it had some black in the mix–maybe along the edge where the studs are.  Would you wear that with black?  I’m not sure my sensibilities could handle the black with the brown, but then, I’m not very fashion forward, so maybe that’s allowed now?  Anyway, I think it’s possible that my purse obsession would qualify as an addiction.  I counted not long ago, and I know I have over 30 of them, but I use the same boring black bag with my uniform every blessed day.  Like I said, addiction.  Rather like the addiction to changing hair colors… and addiction to boys… and addiction to dogs…

Well, maybe not the dogs, but definitely the other stuff.


  1. Heather B. Heather B.

    I have to give a thumbs up to anything from Coach. Though be careful, because as of late Reed has been going a little crazy on the designs. I say buy it.

  2. shani shani

    that was such a delightfully schizophrenic post!

  3. Becky Becky

    I don’t know how dark your original hair color is, but I will tell you that going to a professional does add up. When I was lighter, my roots were really bad after six – eight weeks, and I was kind of anal about not having roots. I have gone to just highlights with a darker undertone and have been able to stretch out touch ups to three months.

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