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Blueberry Citrus Muffins

We all start off the year with promises to do something better, cut back on something, read more, do more, etc. Well this year we received a VitaMix for Christmas and I intended to blend more, and blend we have been doing. It has been awesome to be able to start off the day with a nice fruity smoothie, because I swear in December I don’t really think I ate too much along the lines of vegetables or fruit. I was pretty much one big mass of sugars, meats & cheeses.

So now with all that frozen fruit hanging around in the freezer it has made it easier to throw together a baked good with some fruits too. Honestly I am not one for too many baked fruits, I don’t like how they can get too mushy or lose their flavor once drowned in too much brown sugar, but the other morning I was pinning some recipes when I came across the recipe for these blueberry citrus muffins. They sounded like the perfect start to a morning to go along with those smoothies and with the added oats in them to fill you up.

If you happen to be on a healthy kick too and find that you have a freezer with some blueberries, please make these muffins. They were delicious and the smell was intoxicating, I would bake these just to have that smell wafting through the house again. The mixture of the orange peel with the cinnamon and bursts of blueberries made these a real treat and bright spot on a dreaded Monday morning, so click on over to get the recipe.

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Por que no?

One of the best things about having friends and family come in from out of town is taking them to eat at some great places. It makes and old favorite feel like a new experience when shared with new people. So this past Thanksgiving holiday we headed over to Por que no? for some margaritas and tacos.

Por que no? has two locations but they have the location on Mississippi closed down for remodeling, which I hope means that they are making some more room so it is easier to get in and enjoy their great food. We headed over to their other location on Hawthorne, which did seem to be a little larger, which was great as we had a larger group than usual.

The wait was about 15 minutes to get in and then we found ourselves squeezing 8 people on the end of a tiny table, but we made it work and it was fun. There is usually a fresh fruit margarita of some sort featured and that night it was a watermelon and cantaloupe, so good! They also always have a few other fruit juices to choose from and really, really good horchata, that you can get spiked with rum, also delicious!

But what we really always come for are the tacos. They have multiple choices and usually a couple specials as well, they are pretty tiny so I suggest ordering 2-3 depending on how hungry you are. You can also order one of their plates and you get rice & beans along with a good helping of your choice of meat and a side of tortillas. If you’re feeling hungry that is definitely the way to go based on price. I, of course, love the variety so usually order a few different kinds of tacos. We have also tried the tamales and they were great as well.

If you’re having a craving for perfectly made Mexican food, give Por que no? a try, it can be a bit of a wait, and I would recommend smaller groups as the space isn’t very large (but we made it work, so it can be done). Make sure to try one of their juices or margaritas, I am positive you won’t be disappointed.

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