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Guilty Pleasures – Halloween Candy

As a kid we would always trick or treat with all of our cousins or groups of friends and my favorite part of the night was when we got home and emptied the bags of goodies on the floor – after a quick sort through by our parents (at which time they took a few treats for themselves) the trading began.  I have never been much of a candy person, even as a kid, but I have always had a few favorites, so as we would sit there and sort the goods I was always on the lookout for Hot Tamales & M&M’s. Even today there are times when I break down and as I’m leaving the grocery store or when we go to the movies I have to go for those king size bags of peanut M&M’s or big boxes of spicy Hot Tamales.

So this week when I went to pick up a few bags of candy to hand out to our trick-or-treaters I made sure to include a few of my Guilty Pleasures as well.

Hope everyone has a fantastically sweet weekend!

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