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My Mosaic Garden Urn

I love mosaic garden art.  For several years, I have wanted to mosaic an urn and use it for a fountain in a pond.  I finally had an opportunity to fulfill this dream when the “Tin Can,” also known as our pond, was installed.

Step 1

I drove out to Frazier’s Concrete. Looking through the huge selection of urns took some time, but finally I found the one that was just right for my project.

Step 2

Gathering all the supplies. This is the FUN part. Of course a trip to Hobby Lobby to search for glass beads in all the best colors and shapes. Next, a visit to Lowe’s for additional supplies.  There I purchased Mortar, plus an additive for freeze and thaw conditions, grout and sealer. Then the search is on for tile to smash.  What Fun!

Step 3

Set up a work space in a sheltered area.  I used my garage.  I did make a stretch of how I wanted it to look when finished, however once I started this project it developed a life all its’ own.  This urn took me about two weeks to mosaic. I needed somewhere to actually do the work so I sourced a portable workbench from here.

Step 4

My muscle man and I had to lift the urn into the pond.  It looked beautiful.  Happy Me!  Unfortunately, the urn developed a bad case of “Pond Patina”.  In the end you could no longer see the mosaics.  What to do?

Step 5

The little light bulb went on above my head.  I’ll turn it into an outside table.  Another trip to Hobby Lobby for the glass top and presto chango I have a table.  Oh, but now that I have a table, it must have side chairs.  Lowe’s came through with these adorable retro chairs in a coordinating color.  Truly Happy Me! 

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