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Sunshine in January

We have been fortunate here in the Pacific NW to have unseasonably sunny weather this January, note I did not say warm weather as the temperatures have still been chilly and windy, but to not have a series of dreary, gray, wet days is unusual. Even though the temperatures have remained cool there is something about the warm rays of the sun (and a serious need for some vitamin D) that beckons me to get outside and soak it in. So this past weekend we took the dogs on a couple of outdoor excursions to enjoy the sunshine in January, we had to bundle up in layers of coats and gloves but the pups were in outdoor heaven.

It looks like this weekend should be dry again, at least for our part of the country, I know that there are plenty of places living in snow and ice, but I hope whatever the weather brings, you get a chance to get out and soak it all in.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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